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Who's your favorite mangaka (aka manga artist)? Well sign up here, and quickly claim your mangaka name! Once that character is tagged, he or she is yours alone! Hurry before they're all taken!!

This is the perfect place for you to ramble about anime/manga or anything! Contests and such are held here! ^^

1. Read over the note to new and current members and the mangaka claims list

2. State the mangaka you want (IN THE JOURNAL, PLEASE! DO NOT EMAIL YOUR REQUEST!)

3. State the anime/manga your mangaka is known for.

4. 1 per person, unless the founder rewards you with another (you must earn it)

5. If you do not have 2 and 3, your request will be ignored.

6. Flaming, derogatory words, and the putting down of others is not tolerated. You will get one warning. Ignore that warning, and you will be banned from making comments on the journal.


~Founder: Saiko (nyx)

Claims List As Of September 25, 2006

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