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Updated list

'Ello people!

Long time no see. Somehow this community still manages to stay barely afloat and there are even a few claims each month so it's all good. I'd like to make it more exciting but there has been no suggestions thus far. So it'll just continue in it's somewhat stagnant state :x

Claims List As Of March 18, 2005

If there are any mistakes or changes to be made then please let me know.

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Oouu, CSC! There could be a layout contest! Whoever would like to submit a layout, it must be of their favourite mangaka! X3 Just a suggestion~
That's a great idea ASC~ I'll suggest it and hopefully some people will be interested XD

I realize this reply is extremely late lol, but for some reason I didn't get a notice about this comment. Or I did and missed it lol.
lol! 3 months late. XD